Monday, November 10, 2014

Pig Brothers watching TV

As always, last minute rush to get CTNx portfolio together and I ran out of time to share everything here on the blog. I promise to upload more cool development pieces and share what an amazing year 2014 has been for my artistic growth. Let me know if you will be at the conference, would love to say hi!

one little pig waiting for his brothers return

CTNX is almost here!! 3 little pig update!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This little pigs last match

It has been an amazing year of study for me. About a month ago I finished the CGMA course Colour & Light, lectures by Ryan Lang, and taught by Tyler Carter. This is one of my final pieces.
If you are looking to improve your colour knowledge and get a break down of how colour and light work, you'll love this course! One of my takeaways was learning how to use fill light, ambient light and bounce light properly to create form. But my biggest break through was understanding and applying local colour, and I owe a big thank you for Tyler's advice and paint-overs for this!
If your interested in the course here is a link: Tyler Carter CMGA Colour & Light

Ready to meet the 3 little pigs?

Left we have the little pick who used sticks, middle is bricks and lucky last is straw. Can not wait to share the world I have been developing for these 3 little guys, all should be posted by next Tuesday as it's crunch time for CTNX! Hope to see you there!