Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Will attending CTNX improve your art?

So yep, this CTNX post is about 6 months late, haha! I've been a little busy, but it might be perfect timing for anyone contemplating travelling to LA for CTNX this November. 2013 was my 4th year attending, sounds crazy when I say it like this, but I think my life would be very different if I didn't accidentally find this amazing conference as a backpacker, I would still be clueless to this amazing industry of artists.

Over the last couple of years I have been studying everything I can after learning about visual development, completing online courses and countless life drawing classes. But nothing compares to the direct personal feedback you can receive over the 3 days at CTNX, you just have to have the guts and self belief to show your work. 

To list all the amazing artists and friends I met at the expo, would be a blog post in it's self. But instead I thought I would share the feedback I received. I collated all the notes from many portfolio reviews on my Sleeping Beauty's kingdom piece and drew over the piece for you. All of this specific feedback was extremely helpful, and being face to face you can ask any immediate questions for clarification.
Hope this post helps anyone deciding to go to CTNX! I can say quite simply the expo has changed my life, and below it has definitely made this portfolio piece stronger. :)

Also here is a link to my CTNX 2012 review: http://teganclancy.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/ctn-2012.html